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Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies

at Faculty of Education

Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies
PO Box 300
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Läroverksgatan 15
Visiting address: Läroverksgatan 15, 411 20 Göteborg

Fax: +46 31 7862244
Web Page: www.idpp.gu.se
Email: idpp@gu.se

Head of Department: Christina Osbeck

About the unit

We conduct research concerning the conditions, processes and outcomes of teaching and learning. Links between teaching and learning are of particular interest. We also aim to further understand teaching professions and teacher education. Research perspectives and interests can be broad and wide-reaching or focused on thematic areas, school subjects or disciplines. Our main area of interest concerns teacher education, including research and in-service education of teachers and teacher educators. The department consists of about 100 staff.

Latest publications

Lena Martinsson, Eva Reimers
Skola i normer / Lena Martinsson & Eva Reimers (red.), Malmö, Gleerups, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

Enrichment in school principals’ ways of seeing mathematics
Hanan Innabi, Jonas Emanuelsson
Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Skola i normer, från ett annat håll
Lena Martinsson, Eva Reimers
Skola i normer / Lena Martinsson & Eva Reimers (red.)., Malmö, Gleerups, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

Ethics Education in Swedish RE - and Future Content for Ethics Education in Compulsory School
Karin Sporre, Olof Franck, Annika Lilja, Christina Osbeck
ter Avest, I., Bakker, C., Ipgrave, J., Leonhard, S. & Schreiner, P. (eds): Facing the Unknown Future: Religion and Education on the Move. Religious Divesity and Education in Europe, Vol. 14. , Münster, Waxmann, Chapter in book 2020
Chapter in book

Research on Early Childhood Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Camilla Björklund, Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Angelika Kullberg
ZDM - the International Journal on Mathematics Education, Review article 2020
Review article

Att vänta i ett allvar - om existens, mening och berättande
Olof Franck
Religion och livsfrågor, Magazine article 2020
Magazine article


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Name Title Phone Email
Ahlberg, Kristina Senior lecturer kristina.ahlberg.2@gu.se
Andeby, Karin Lecturer karin.andeby@gu.se
Andersson, Christina Universitetsadj, adjungerande christina.andersson.5@gu.se
Andersson Varga, Pernilla Universitetslektor, adjungerad pernilla.andersson.varga@gu.se
Ashjari, Hoda Lecturer +46 31 7866741 hoda.ashjari@gu.se
Asp Onsjö, Lisa Senior lecturer lisa.asp-onsjo@ped.gu.se
Avensen, Gittan Study administrator +46 31 7862212 gittan.avensen@gu.se
Bach, Frank Senior lecturer +46 31 7862259 frank.bach@gu.se
Becevic, Semir Lecturer +46 31 7862158 semir.becevic@gu.se
Bengtsdotter Katz, Viktoria Lecturer +46 31 7862236 viktoria.bengtsdotter@ped.gu.se
Bennet, Christian Senior lecturer +46 31 7864322 christian.bennet@gu.se
Bergius, Elisabeth Education officer +46 31 7862748 elisabeth.bergius@gu.se
Berner, David Lecturer david.berner@gu.se
Blennqvist, Håkan Lecturer +46 31 7862425 hakan.blennqvist@ped.gu.se
Blåvarg, Ebba Christina Margareta Senior lecturer ebba.christina.blavarg@gu.se
Booth, Shirley Professor emerita shirley.booth@ped.gu.se
Brkovic, Irma Senior lecturer +46 31 7864961 irma.brkovic@gu.se
Brunke, Susanne Lecturer susanne.brunke@gu.se
Bursjöö, Ingela Universitetslektor, adjungerad ingela.bursjoo@physics.gu.se
Bylund, Linus Doctoral student linus.bylund@gu.se
Börjesson, Git Lecturer +46 31 7862215 git.borjesson@gu.se
Börjesson, Mattias Senior lecturer +46 31 7862367 mattias.borjesson@gu.se
Börjesson, Mattias Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7862367 mattias.borjesson@gu.se
Cederqvist, Anne-Marie Doctoral student anne-marie.cederqvist@gu.se
Claesson, Silwa Senior lecturer silwa.claesson@ped.gu.se
Claesson, Silwa Professor emerita +46 31 7866488 silwa.claesson@ped.gu.se
Dahlbäck, Katharina Senior lecturer +46 31 7862139 katharina.dahlback@gu.se
Dencker, Sofie Study administrator +46 31 7862624 sofie.dencker@gu.se
Dragemark Oscarson, Anne Senior lecturer +46 31 7862383 anne.dragemark@ped.gu.se
Emanuelsson, Jonas Senior lecturer +46 31 7862265 jonas.emanuelsson@ped.gu.se
Erlandson, Peter Senior lecturer +46 31 7862040 peter.erlandson@ped.gu.se
Fatheddine, Djamila Senior lecturer, Avd-/​sektionschef, inst +46 31 7864886 djamila.fatheddine@gu.se
Franck, Olof Professor +46 31 7862011 olof.franck@gu.se
Fredriksson, Marie Lecturer +46 31 7862233 marie.fredriksson@ped.gu.se
Fredriksson, Peter Lecturer +46 31 7866487 peter.fredriksson@gu.se
Frisk, Susanne Lecturer, Avd-/​sektionschef, inst +46 31 7862798 susanne.frisk@ped.gu.se
Gallos Cronberg, Florenda Senior lecturer +46 31 7862262 florenda.gallos.cronberg@gu.se
Grönbäck, Katarina Study administrator +46 31 7862180 katarina.gronback@gu.se
Gunnarsson, Johanna Communications officer +46 31 7862170 johanna.gunnarsson@gu.se
Hagman, Mats Senior lecturer +46 31 7862271 mats.hagman@ped.gu.se
Hall Namanzi, Rebecca Postgraduate studies administrator +46 31 7862214 rebecca.namanzi@ped.gu.se
Happstadius, Eva-Lena Lecturer +46 31 7862062 eva-lena.happstadius@gu.se
Harling, Martin Lecturer +46 31 7866636 martin.harling@ped.gu.se
Henricsson, Ola Doctoral Student
Hipkiss, Anna Maria Senior lecturer +46 31 7864661 anna.maria.hipkiss@gu.se
Holmqvist Lid, Carina Lecturer carina.holmqvist.lid@gu.se
Häggström, Margaretha Senior lecturer +46 31 7862470 margareta.haggstrom@gu.se
Ingerman, Åke Professor +46 31 7862637 ake.ingerman@gu.se
Innabi, Hanan Senior lecturer +46 31 7862238 hanan.innabi@gu.se
Johannsen, Bjørn Friis Senior lecturer +46 31 7862639 bfj@gu.se

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Showing 81 - 90 of 1424


Critical Animal Pedagogy: Explorations Toward Reflective Practice
Karin Gunnarsson Dinker, Helena Pedersen
Education for Total Liberation: Critical Animal Pedagogy and Teaching Against Speciesism, New York, Peter Lang, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Smartphones for Migrant Integration: A Lifeline, Bridging or Surveillance tool? Migrants’ perceptions of surveillance and social logins in mobile resources
Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, Dina Koutsikouri
27th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2019: Information Systems for a Sharing Society. 10-11 June 2019, Stockholm, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Teachers’ Attitudes and Experiences of Digital Tools Within Speaking Proficiency in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning - Interactional Competence Left in The Dark
Elin Ericsson, Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, Johan Lundin
12th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, ICERI2019, 11-13 November 2019, Seville, Spain, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Teacher educators' perceptions of their profession in relation to the digitalization of society
Anna Roumbanis-Viberg, Karin Forslund Frykedal, Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi
Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Algebra teachers’ questions and quandaries – Swedish and Finnish algebra teachers discussing practice.
Cecilia Kilhamn, Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg
Nordisk matematikkdidaktikk - Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Showing 81 - 90 of 1424

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